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Anything thought of as child’s play is perfect for Team Building. The essence of Team Building is really about Shared Experiences. Play which is meaningful and has some light competition will naturally build comaraderie without all sorts of analytical hyperbole.

Not just kids....we Team-Play and Build!

• Meeting Recess - get out and PLAY!

• 18' Giant Inflated Dart Board with Soccer or Archery is BIG fun!

• Higher, Faster, Stonger - Team Play is Kite Building, Race Cars, Words Challenge- 1 hour. Perfect for Beach.

• Bubble Therapy is Bubbles for Corporate Groups - Meeting Play

• Small budget/play BIG, after dinner, beach games, party fun -corporate

• Company Picnics ---rather than the same 'ol BBq, sweaty afternoon, why not incorporate innovative event production and plan evening events?

• Corporate Team Building --- Deena was the original creator of "The Chase of Charleston, a Historic Scavenger Hunt for the Fun of It" awarded by Resort and Commercial Recreation Association "Programming Excellence 1996." Revamped and now named "Charleston Scad-venture History Hunt - for the Fun of It! Lowcountry-centric, this scavenger hunt is meant for corporate groups to team-build while seeing Historic Charleston. Designed to be old school and have people looking around and not down at elwctrinicsl, there are no ipads!With Amazing Race-style elements, Corporate Scad-venture Hunt Charleston is the perfect spot for on- foot fun!